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L. Scott Berkoben, P.A. Attorneys At LawWelcome to L. Scott Berkoben, P.A.

In business for over 30 years, L. Scott Berkoben, P.A. has a longstanding reputation of being one of Bergen County’s leading law firms that services families, companies, organizations and public entities. A team of experienced multidisciplinary attorneys handle every case that comes to us, from criminal charges to traffic violations; murder charges to mortgage conflicts. We treat no two cases the same and hence, offer tailored legal services to fit your every individual need. In addition to helping our clients navigate through complex legal matters with superior legal expertise and dedication, L. Scott Berkoben upholds the historical belief that the law works for you. As a result, L. Scott Berkoben, P.A. has come to be known for its allegiance to integrity, moral values and commitment. With an office located in the beautiful downtown area of Westwood, the company is constantly expanding and growing in order to better serve the changing needs of its diversified clientele. Give us a call to arrange a consultation to discuss the legalities of your situation, as well as suitable options available to you.